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Pupils are examined by the ISTD Examinations Board in Modern Theatre, Tap & Jazz dancing.  There is usually an exam session every term.

Details of the current exam session can be found here.

The results of the most recent session can be found here.

The dance grades are Pre-primary, Primary, Grades 1 - 6, Intermediate and Advanced 1 & 2. Exams are taken for each of these grades in Modern & Tap and for Bronze, Silver & Gold Medals in Jazz and Tap. Successful candidates in Modern & Tap are awarded Grades A,B,C or N (Distinction, Merit, Pass, Unsuccessful), according to the total mark they achieve. At present we have a 100% success rate with 44% awarded Distinction and 53% Merit and an average mark of 75%.

Pupils have to register with the ISTD and be allocated a PIN before they can take an examination. The registration form asks for their name, date of birth, sex, ethnic origin and any special examination needs. A pupil will move up to the next class when they have reached the standard required to pass the ISTD exam for the grade they are in. Pupils do not have to take exams, that is up to parent and child, but if we decide between us that a child will be entered then it is extremely important that the weekly classes and exam coaching sessions are attended regularly; only illness or injury should prevent this.

The ISTD charge a fee for each exam: currently from £25 for the Primary Exam to £42 for Grade 6.

In addition to the regular classes, extra exam coaching classes are provided for those about to take an exam. These classes provide valuable preparation for the exams and so are not optional. We want our children to reach their full potential and by attending these sessions they achieve technical clarity, polish and confidence, which gain high marks.

In the Modern exams there are certain things that each candidate has to show individually; in Tap exams every exercise has to be shown individually; this requires a lot of self-confidence and needs careful preparation, which cannot be provided in the normal half hour lesson as it is extremely time consuming and it would not be fair on those pupils in the class who were not preparing for the same exam session. Exam coaching classes are charged for at the normal rate for class fees.

Details of the current exam session can be found here.

The results of the most recent session can be found here.